Mar 19, 2014


 Original Handcrafted Solid Sterling Silver Jewelry

 Hi, my name is Yukiko. I'm a jewelry designer / metalsmith living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I studied Fine Art Sculpture in art college and explored working with various materials. Neon, bronze, steel, ceramics, handmade paper and glass are a few of the mediums I've worked with, but I've always been drawn to metal the most. After finishing up my art degree, I worked as a metalsmith for 10 years, during which time I was able to develop hands-on techniques which became valuable to me when opening my Etsy shop in the fall of 2010.

I create my pieces individually by hand using solid sterling silver at my home studio. Each piece is individually hand-textured, so no two are exactly alike. My inspiration comes from nature. I try to capture the beauty of natural forms in my designs. My creative process starts from a sketch, which is then transferred onto sterling silver by sawing, texturing, wire-wrapping and polishing - pretty much everything done by hand. I believe in maintaining high quality workmanship and also having a personal touch in the pieces I make. I pay attention to every aspect of the items I offer including gift-wrapping all of my pieces. I want my customers to have a magical moment when opening a package from my shop.

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