Mar 4, 2014

Linn Warme

Animal & Flower Jewelry from Sweden

The jewelery making started on a fluke, when I was studying textile art and needed something to sell on our Christmas market. I was shocked by how well it went as I sold almost everything. At that time, I actually didn't think so much about it until it was time for the next Christmas market at the university. From there it slowly grew on me, until my boyfriend said I should start up an Etsy shop, and here we are!

My biggest inspiration is the Scandinavian nature and fauna up here in the north. I also love looking at animals and plants that cant be found in this region.
I often start by drawing the old fashion way on paper and then continue digitally making a pattern or a nice composition based on my drawings. Then I scan my work, make some tweaks in the computer and the finally print is transferred to shrink plastic and finally I cut them out by hand.
Finding printable shrink plastic has been a huge life changer! When I fist started I used to draw directly on to the plastic, but it was hard to get as fine lines and detail I wanted. That's why I'm now completely in love with printable plastic, it looks so much better!
When I feel lost and I don't know what to draw, I like to take a trip to the Botanical garden that has plants from all over the world. Its calm and serene with lots of great places to sit with my sketchbook. Another personal favorite place of mine, is the natural history museum, that has many stuffed animals that are both creepy yet extremely fascinating. 
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