Mar 19, 2014


 Original Handcrafted Solid Sterling Silver Jewelry

 Hi, my name is Yukiko. I'm a jewelry designer / metalsmith living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I studied Fine Art Sculpture in art college and explored working with various materials. Neon, bronze, steel, ceramics, handmade paper and glass are a few of the mediums I've worked with, but I've always been drawn to metal the most. After finishing up my art degree, I worked as a metalsmith for 10 years, during which time I was able to develop hands-on techniques which became valuable to me when opening my Etsy shop in the fall of 2010.

I create my pieces individually by hand using solid sterling silver at my home studio. Each piece is individually hand-textured, so no two are exactly alike. My inspiration comes from nature. I try to capture the beauty of natural forms in my designs. My creative process starts from a sketch, which is then transferred onto sterling silver by sawing, texturing, wire-wrapping and polishing - pretty much everything done by hand. I believe in maintaining high quality workmanship and also having a personal touch in the pieces I make. I pay attention to every aspect of the items I offer including gift-wrapping all of my pieces. I want my customers to have a magical moment when opening a package from my shop.

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Mar 14, 2014

A moment in space

Darren Singer

I have been making art since I was probably about 10, and teaching art for almost 20. I love all forms of art, but focus primarily on drawing, painting, and photography. At the present time I have particular obsession with New York City bridges.

Bridges have enabled the development of societies spanning the ages. As primitive as the log fallen over a ravine, the bridge enables communication between two seemingly separate components. It is the the third element which unites the two, creating something much greater than the sum of its parts.
Living in New York I am fortunate to be surrounded by numerous iconic bridges that enabled the development of New York City as a cultural, technological, as well as commercial hub of the world. I am struck by the majesty of the scale of these "gentle giants," imposing their presence over the NY waterways, like veins coursing with life, imbuing the boroughs with life and character.
In my work I tend toward engaging compositions using skewed perspectives to challenge as well as humble the viewer by conveying the extraordinary mass of these structures, forcing the viewer to look with a renewed vision at these amazing feats of modern engineering. Vibrant colors, tones and textures soak the rigid geometries and give life to these otherwise lifeless structures. It is through its utility that the bridge generally has meaning and significance, I am seeking to liberate it from this narrow view and imbue the structure with life.

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Mar 13, 2014


Handmade scarves, bags and hair accessories for women

I like to design and sew women accessories. I believe that every woman is unique and so her accessories should be emphasize her character. My work is fashion forward and everything is well made and out of the best materials in the market. In my shop you'll find all the latest trends from geometrical pattern infinity scarves to double face laced ones. 

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Mar 8, 2014

Writing Places

Lisa Gossman-Steeve

 Write It Down. Send It Out. Feel Good While Doing It.

 Life is an adventure, so WritingPlaces provides products for you to record that adventure and to feel good while doing it.

You can write about your adventures down in our fabric covered journals, or send your memories written on a card to a friend.

Feel good about giving with your purchase because with every purchase, I will give 10% to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, an organization that assists people all around the world. Uhuru the Pig is a special product with which all of the proceeds, minus shipping and handling, go to Compassion for Africa to help young girls gain financial independence.

Also feel good by wrapping yourselves up in our scarves and hats and feel comfortable and warm while out in the elements on your adventures no matter what they are.

Custom orders on any of my products are welcome and available. Check out my store blog and receive a special coupon that is listed in my blog profile.

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 Candan Imrak

 Handmade lampwork beads, jewelry and ceramics
Candan Imrak at her studio

I attended lampwork bead making classes as a hobby at Kurshuni in Turkey, to bring some color to my stressful professional life. In 2005 after my retirement, I moved with my family to a small town on a peninsula facing the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea in Turkey. In that beautiful environment, my husband set me up a small studio next to our house.

At first, I started making lampwork beads and jewelry as gifts to my friends but that soon became a rather expensive hobby so I decided to open an ETSY shop and share my designs with the whole world. Having an online shop is a wonderful experience, as I got to meet people from around the globe and share the same interests. It also makes me very happy to see and meet the people who have bought and wear my designs.

I use the best glass rods, high quality leather and findings in the market  as I take great pride in creating each one of these lampwork beads and jewelry from start to finish.

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Mar 4, 2014

Linn Warme

Animal & Flower Jewelry from Sweden

The jewelery making started on a fluke, when I was studying textile art and needed something to sell on our Christmas market. I was shocked by how well it went as I sold almost everything. At that time, I actually didn't think so much about it until it was time for the next Christmas market at the university. From there it slowly grew on me, until my boyfriend said I should start up an Etsy shop, and here we are!

My biggest inspiration is the Scandinavian nature and fauna up here in the north. I also love looking at animals and plants that cant be found in this region.
I often start by drawing the old fashion way on paper and then continue digitally making a pattern or a nice composition based on my drawings. Then I scan my work, make some tweaks in the computer and the finally print is transferred to shrink plastic and finally I cut them out by hand.
Finding printable shrink plastic has been a huge life changer! When I fist started I used to draw directly on to the plastic, but it was hard to get as fine lines and detail I wanted. That's why I'm now completely in love with printable plastic, it looks so much better!
When I feel lost and I don't know what to draw, I like to take a trip to the Botanical garden that has plants from all over the world. Its calm and serene with lots of great places to sit with my sketchbook. Another personal favorite place of mine, is the natural history museum, that has many stuffed animals that are both creepy yet extremely fascinating. 
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Mar 3, 2014


Irén Jovanovic

Handcrafted Swarovski Crystal Jewelry & Accessories

I make handcrafted Swarovski Crystal Jewelry. I make all of my jewelry with special care and love, using only the best quality genuine CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski elements, pearls and jewelry findings that will last for a lifetime.

In my shop you will find a sophisticated collection of casually elegant, handcrafted, beaded jewelry. Each piece is individually designed and handcrafted with the unique, elegant and alluring qualities of women as the focus.

Creating jewelry is something I enjoy and I am passionate about, so don't hesitate to contact me any time if you have any questions or if you are interested in a custom order. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Twitter: @BeautyCrystals

Mar 2, 2014

Supplies+Hats+Scarves are 30% off, JEWELRY is 20% and YARN is 10% off!

Although the weather is still cold and it has been raining for the whole last week, it seems that is time for Spring cleaning. The best place to start is the studio and my sewing supplies, that I won't be using after all.
I think the best way is to recycle them, so, I'm running a sale in

Supplies+Hats+Scarves are 30% off,  JEWELRY is 20% and YARN is 10% off!

Here are some of the items that are on SALE:


Adi Almog

I'm a fashion designer, living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. I'm self-taught when it comes to fashion, and everything I know is from small courses, fashion and art magazines and just by walking around.
I believe that fashion should make you feel good and help you express yourself and show the world who you are.
I also believe comfort is an important element at any point during the day, therefore the fabrics that are been used are natural and comfortable. Mostly delicate fabrics create a structure with body movement, as well as the shapes and cuts.

My agenda is to create clothes that will accompany you, items that will make you develop a sentimental feeling just because they make the body look and feel so great that they let you concentrate on what really matters.

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