Dec 30, 2010

Gilgulim - the colorfoul world of Hagar Arnon Elbaz

"Life is like travelling in a train and looking trough the window. The landscape passes so quickly, the sights are magnificent and exciting. I try to capture some of it and treasure in my memory. Please follow me in my journey of observing, creating, searching new ideas and materials and living".
Hagar Arnon Elbaz, is a woman, mother of three daughters. Married to her husband for the last 30 years, a textile designer, a reused fiber jewelry designer that collects any scrap of cloth, ribbon, button or left over string she can put her hand on. She was born in Israel to a German mother and a Czechoslovakian father in a northern Kibbutz. She was so small and they did not know how to handle her so they've put her in a shoe box filled with cotton wool. And she has never stopped loving cotton ever since! She loves people and their stories, reading, travelling, mother earth, recycling, cooking, baking bread, making jams and working in her little home studio. 
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