Mar 10, 2011

Handmade baskets shoes and other fruits of my cheer

I'm Klara Szilagyi, an architect, who specializes in historic buildings and interior design. I am always looking for new ways into creativity. I live in the middle of Europe; that is in Budapest, Hungary. I was born and raised in Transylvania, which region’s craft traditions give me a lot of inspiration ever since.
I like working mainly with natural fibers, new and old that give me a lot of joy. I love the smell, the touch and the shine of natural materials, and I enjoy combining leftover pieces just as well as working with new ones. I spend a lot of time on searching for the right shape, function and the right combination of materials, which fit the most the character and the beauty of a certain fabric. This results sometimes in weeks passing by just looking at the material and moving it from one corner of the room to another one, before I actually start working with it. The items I make, usually emerge and evolve during this process, which means that every piece becomes unique on its own.
In both architecture and sewing I like the simple and the functional. I believe that just a few things are enough to transform the atmosphere of a room and make it a is a fact that just a few beautiful and at the same time practical items can enhance our comfort and make us feel better.

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