Apr 23, 2011

Érika Sayuri

I'm Erika, I study at Québec City, a french city on Canada, I'm a phD. student in fungal genetics. I'm a brazilian girl with japonese background (my grandparents are japonese). But I'm totally brazilian and my native language is portuguese! Crazy, isn't it? people here thinks I'm chinese... But I'm a etsy seller too. I love etsy!!! I make many kind of crafts like origami and fabric flowers. But I'm always between both. Sometimes I make origamis mobile and sometimes flowers for hair and flowers for decoration... In the end both have many applications. Like flowers for scrapbooking and appliques, or for origami as jelwery. What inspires my... owww everything! I think what really inspires me is when I start studying hard... I believe something happens in my brain that I want to do craft... not read a scientific paper, for example... I really love my phD. but I think it inspires me a lot doing my handmade goods.
 You can find her at: