May 17, 2011

April McGee-Riess - Swagg Jewelry Designs- "Modern style jewelry with a funky earthy edge"

My Name is April McGee-Riess. I come from Los Angeles, California. I now live in Cologne Germany, and soon we'll be moving to Munich, Germany. My husband and myself have been living here for about 2yrs. I am a freelance jewelry designer. I sell my designs on, as well as to high-end independant boutiques, private clients, hotel, spa and resort shops in the USA and Europe.
What inspires me the most is this emotion inside of me telling me that I have to create something beautiful, something that will bring joy to me and everyone that appreciates my work. I design jewelry now, but ever since I was a small child, I always needed a creative outlet in either painting,drawing, dancing or singing.

You can find her at: