Dec 13, 2011

Patricia Vincent

My name is Patricia Vincent and I’m working in Austria as an independent fashion designer. I was born in Bucharest, Romania and live in Vienna since 2002 where I’ve been studying fashion design and tailoring techniques. In 2006 after finishing my studies, I’ve decided to rent a small studio and first started to put in practice everything that I loved about designing and sewing, based on my scholar knowledge. Now, I’m creating unique or very limited series of clothing and handbags. I’m in love with my profession and all what comes with it. I dedicate my work most of my time as I design and sew everything by myself, trying to give the best to each piece and enjoy every small success.
My inspiration comes mostly from our past: world traditions, style 
approaches, classicism. So, I’m combining details the past, as well 
taking in consideration our present and future, the evolution of the 
women's body, desires and lifestyle. Vienna is a spring of great art, a 
place where the past is reflected and respected. Having relatively easy 
access to it, gives me the freedom to explore and be original.
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  1. I am delighted to have been chosen for this post as well for being among these talented people! You make a great work, Elsa! Thank you!

  2. I loved your work the first time I came across it!


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