Jan 5, 2012

WurdeSein "online vintage home decor, housewares & furniture"

Our little Etsy shop is called Wurde Sein [German for “To Be”]. We are long-time friends with a common interest in our love for vintage items of all shapes, sizes, colour and age. Working from home is a desire for both of us doing what we enjoy most, collecting and selling unique antique and vintage items.
With respect to our store name, we wanted to pick a name that describes how we felt about our finds… Our profile sums it up:

“Sein” (Be / To Be) [German]

"Wurde Sein" (Would Be) (wurdesein@gmail.com)

“Mag Sein” (Could Be) (magsein@live.ca)


All things vintage and antique have, in their time, served a useful purpose,
for more than one person, over many many years.

It has been....

What it could be and would be for someone at this time is up to the buyer;
however, the possibilities prove to be...

We sell a wide variety of vintage and antique items such as kitchenware; housewares, furniture; and collectables. Here are some examples:

Kitchen items such as unique dishes from the 60’s and 70’s; chip n’ dip set; retro egg cups and coffee pots; salt and pepper shakers / spice shakers.

We also sell a selection of vintage furniture such as a shelving unit; rustic-vintage folding “theatre” type chairs; old milking stools and ottomans:
We also carry a variety of vintage home décor items that can be incorporated with one’s modern style such as: lamps / lights; clock(s); vase(s); candle holders; etc. Here’s an example of one our favourite finds:

Last but not least, we offer collectables, such as bottles; vintage bells; other glassware, cigarette maker; etc. here’s one example, a glass table-top lighter that we have up for sale at the shop:

With respect to favourite thing about collecting, it’s literally the thrill of seeking and finding something unique. We love old items, we love anything antique and rustic, and every time we’re out looking for new inventory, it feels like Christmas when we find those “perfect” items!

Our inspiration comes from all different directions. Peers who enjoyed collecting and decorating their homes with that certain “rustic” theme was always a huge inspiration; following fellow bloggers and store owners with the same interests, etc. Wherever we can sniff it out we’ll be there! ;-)