Nov 19, 2012

Paula with artwink and Mucar

Paula with Artwink

Hello! I live in Western Massachusetts with my partner David and my cat Uma. Half my week is spent teaching and the other half creating and maintaining Artwink Jewelry. When I'm not doing these things I try to spend time exploring the great outdoors.

I've been making things since I was a little kid, starting out with mud pies. I have always been interested in making 3-D objects and Artwink jewelry is one dimension of that. Jewelry is something that challenges all my creative skills, everything from problem solving to composition to construction. I would say, overall, my motivation in creating Artwink jewelry is to present beautiful jewelry designed for body, mind and spirit.

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My name is Mukaddes Ucar. And I preferred to combine my name and surname as my shop’s name. I hope you like it. Mucar shop is created by a mum of 4 daughters in a lovely family atmosphere. All of my creations are the original design and made with very good quality including beautiful shawls, cool scarves, lovely boleros and your requested models of your imaginations.

I live in -one of the most beautiful cities in the world-Istanbul. I have 4 beautiful daughters who are graduated from the university and 2 of them are already married. I have started knitting when they were children to earn money for their education. My work has been sold to different cities such Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, London in between 1980 and 1987…Etsy is the best thing that has happened to me..I can both follow my knitting and designing passion and earn some money. My intention is to take positive feedback as much as I can take. I continually try to make my customer happy….

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