Mar 16, 2011

Hand Crafted Jewelry and Supplies with Vintage Soul

I am Julie Johnson and I live in Georgia, about 45 minutes north of Atlanta. I'm originally from Wisconsin, but moved here in 2001 - and have never second-guessed that family decision! LOVE GA!! By day I am a Project Manager at IBM; working with creative agencies and technical writers to create customer deliverables to sell IBM products, services, etc. By night....I'm Bella - the Bead! My creative juices flow freely into each piece I create. Usually opting for pearls, natural stones and "just a little bit funky" pieces.
Making people happy inspires me! Smiles inspire me! It makes me happy to make things that will make other people happy. Jewelry, which started as a distraction from long work hours and a break from teenager-drama, has turned into something I very much enjoy. I enjoy it, people I love enjoy my pieces, and now I'm lovin' ETSY, too!

You can find her at: