Apr 26, 2011

Brittany Purdey " Purdey designs"

My name is Brittany Purdey, I am a jewelry designer and a college student. I am married to a very supportive husband, and have an adorable black lab named Kyrie. I live in Grants Pass, Oregon and have been making jewelry for almost two years. I love combining different materials, and random pieces together to create a unique look with personality. Everyone wants to have something that no one else does, and my jewelry gives just that!
My husband, being the loving, thoughtful and supportive man he is inspires me. He thinks the world of me, and believes in every idea I have, even if it a very silly oneJ. My inspiration also comes from different things and places. The world around me inspires a lot of my designs. I enjoy using an event, a waterfall, or a beautiful sunset. I am also into fashion and love looking through Marie Claires, or Vogue magazine. The clothing and accessories will give my inspiration as well.


You can find her at: