Apr 3, 2011

Connie Powers Handknit Luxury

My name is Connie Powers and Iʼm originally from the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. Iʼve now made my home in the central highlands of Mexico, where Iʼve been for 8 years and plan to stay. Iʼve tried my hand at a myriad of different arts and crafts, from painting and drawing, to beading and bookbinding, to name a few, but Iʼve been knitting since a teenager - some 40+ years. I started Hestia Hand-Knits a couple of years ago, because it is something I can do while Iʼm home with my animals, listening to the birds, the bleating of sheep in the distance,  the yipping of coyotes at night. I love the peaceful, meditative feeling that comes from knitting. Iʼm mostly inspired by the incredible array of yarns and fibers that are available. I have to import the yarns - they are generally not available here - so I shop on the internet. Many times the yarn tells me what should be done with it, even though I may have had other ideas when I ordered it. Iʼve been selling my knitting at a local gallery and from the occasional trunk show. I recently opened my Etsy store and am working hard to keep up the supply.

You can find her at: