Apr 12, 2011

Judit Sipos-Szabo "Glassimo"

My name is Judit Sipos-Szabo, originally from Hungary but now I live in San Diego, CA.
I've always liked to discover new fields of creativity. My latest love is glass fusing. Since I've got my own kiln I can't stop experimenting. My background - architecture, interior design, photography - shaped my taste. I prefer simple, uncluttered designs but intentionally I don't follow a particular style. I like to play with styles - mix and match them. Someday I'm totally into minimalism but the next day I can be more romantic!:) Everything can inspire me from folk art to abstract art, my traveling, different cultures, people with different dreams... nature, music... life. My camera is always with me.
Along with glass fusing, I like to work with different media - like resin, polymer and metal clay, found objects, handmade papers and fabrics from around the world etc. Every media I discover opens a new door for my creativity. Mostly, I make jewelry but am also interested in home decor. My taste is very "fusion" - I just like to combine the good stuff around me!:)

More about:
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/glassimo
FB: www.facebook.com/glassimo
Twitter: http://twitter.com/glassimo
Blog: http://juditsview.blogspot.com/