May 24, 2011

Karolin Felix K.I.K
Hi. I'm Karolin Felix K.I.K and I live in windy Ireland where the houses are made of stone.. I always loved illustrations that are not only beautiful, but also make you stop and think for a moment.. so the curious things and double meanings are the favourite subjects of my art. I find my inspiration in difficult, weird subjects like the sideshow performers, secret life of circus or theatre.. unusual psychological syndromes... I like to imagine life of other people....

My current subject is called "Vanishing Sideshow". It's a tribute to this unusual, amazing form of art that is slowly no more. This collection features illustrations, dolls, paper curiosities, handmade diaries & mobiles.
I also encourage you to be creative. Visit my blog and find out how to make your own paper jewelry!

You can find her at: