May 26, 2011

Jelena Bračun "Original art, prints and handmade jewelry"
My name is Jelena Bračun. I live and work in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe. I finished Academy of fine arts, but I've stopped painting after my graduation. I started working in a publishing house on a very stressful job. Last year I started to long for drawing and painting again, so I've started from the basics - painting still lifes from observing. I also begun to do jewelry inspired from my paintings. My inspirations come mostly from nature, I paint fruit and vegetables that I have at home. I come from work in the evening and put some fruit on the table and start to paint; on the weekends I make jewelry. It’s my therapy and my hope is that other people would feel relaxed and happy from my art.

You can find her at:


  1. Ooh, the tulips are simply gorgeous! I love the colors. Great work, Jelena!

  2. thank you Elsa for featuring my work, and thanks Taylor for complementing my tulips.

  3. You're welcome, Jelena! <3


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