May 30, 2011

Urte "Textile Jewelry and Vintage clothing"

My name is Urte and I'm originally Lithuanian, but I've been wondering around quite a bit lately. I make textile jewelry from rejected/unwanted fabrics. I simply like giving things a new life. My textile jewelry is inspired by theatrical costumes that are made to look great from a distance. That creates a sort of illusion where sparkly paper turns into jewels and torn fabric into the finest silk. Nature too has a great influence on my work as I've been  surrounded by it for a while. I'm often borrowing shapes, textures and even colors from it. I like tearing, tying, and knotting, so neat hems are rarely found on my pieces. At the moment, I'm in love with all shades of white, which clearly dominates my recent projects.
I'm aiming to give them a rustic, organic, wild look together with a feel of elegance and mystery.