Sep 1, 2011

Inbar shahak Textile Jewelry

I am a jewelry designer with prior background in textile designing. My inspiration comes from ancient lace and crochet patterns which are translated into stunning pieces that can be worn as every-day pleasures or special occasions.
My greatest desire is to combine ancient textile techniques with modern materials that create a new and inspiring form of art.

What appears as the greatest magic to me is the fact that one single thread can make up a story and bring it to life as a whole product whether it is a beautiful fabric, a cloth, or a glittering jewel.
The "Art Deco" collection takes it's inspiration from luxurious Art-Deco jewelry. This inspiration was transformed into new pieces as the initial Art-Deco design, which is very rich and royal looking - becomes something more fashionable, fun and contemporary.
The collection has a royal atmosphere by using motifs in black and gold colors as well as adding beautiful black and crystal white gemstones