Oct 21, 2011

My new girly chunky crochet cowl+supplies To Go


This is my latest crochet cowl that I've been working on and I'm so proud of it as it combines a chunky texture with fine crochet lace from 2 different varieties of organic cotton. I've also mixed different yarns to produce a variegated effect. At the end I've added bow ties, that I've made out of striped red and white yarn. You'll love this cowl as it doesn't itch at all while is so warm and trendy and you can wear throught Autumn. It's handmade and one of kind, and the best part is that one size fits most!
I'm cleaning up my studio space as I'm moving out and I've got plenty of supplies TO GO. Today, I've also listed in my shop 2 books that are in excellent condition as I never had the time to make any projects from them. In my supplies section you'll find a few more things and don't forget to check out my KILLER PROMOTION OF buy 1 get 1 free items and the additional 10% off all Anna Economou bags!
Why do I do that? Perhaps you say, that I'm a nice person....


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