Dec 10, 2011

Gentleman's Emporium

My father is retired Navy and I can remember so vividly when he was not at sea, he was home with us and watching TV. I was forever exposed to the world of the Rat Pack, Carol Burnett and The Lucy Show, old Hollywood movies, The Ed Sullivan Show, TV shows like Get Smart ~

The way women and men dressed, to me was ...the way it should be. I find myself, now, looking at the way women and men dress and ask myself: 'What happened?" and I feel as if we just got lazy. Because it is easier to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and say 'yeah, it's ok. that's how everyone else is dressing'....but OH! A Lady in a dress, with pumps and hair done up right - NICE; and a man in a suit, tie, shiny shoes - NICE and SEXY!

One day my mother in law gave me an old jewely box. She said she would never do anything with the items in it. I opened that box and memories of yester-year flooded back and I did some on-line research and found out that because of sites like Etsy, with sellers promoting their vintage items and shows like Mad Men bringing the Style back in to the publics eye, it just felt right!

So I started my own Etsy Shop : GENTLEMANSEMPORIUM. I spend fun weekends at flea markets, second hand shops, estate sales, etc. and I spend weekdays on the computer doing research and I now feel that am doing my part to 'Bring THE REAL sexy back'.

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