Nov 22, 2011

Katie Probert "Jesuisunemonstre"
Hello my name is Katie, and I am from the UK, but in the winter time I live high up top the French Alpes.

I am a knitwear designer, and produce all my pieces myself, by hand. I like Sitting, Thinking, Making, Breaking, Re-creating, Travelling, Snowboarding, Photographing, Arts-and-Crafts-ing and Doing-it-Yourself-ing.

I am in love with fibre and yarn - a little too much perhaps! I am like a magpie for materials to knit with. I love the shiny sheen of bamboo; the lofty softness of quality wool; and the rich luxury of silk. Most of all I love handspun yarn - each skein is completely unique, like the yarn equivalent of the person who spun it, and it is a work of art in itself.

I'm inspired by a DIY attitude - Doing It Yourself. I believe in setting yourself impossible tasks and then turning them into a reality - last year my boyfriend and I completed our impossible task of converting a hanging Ford Transit van into a dream home on wheels, and moved to France in it. Now I know anything is possible!

I am a self-taught knitter and crocheter, and my current impossible task is setting up a one-woman Arts & Crafts business, in which I design and produce bespoke handmade scarves and accessories, which are available to buy in my shop. My blog Je suis une monstre is where I write about my love of all things Arts & Crafts, DIY and Handmade. You are welcome to come along and follow my adventures, missions, and endless to-do lists!

Twitter: @lamonstre