Feb 26, 2014


Handmade Clocks from Upcycled Records


My name is Laurel Henn. I'm from Olympia Washington and run LaurelsArt. I create clocks from upcycled vinyl records and sell them at local shows and online. I am also a printmaker and painter who believes that everyone has the ability to create if given the right opportunity.

What inspires me?

Stories inspire me. The ability to create stories, and the ability to record stories. Every person has at least one story, every tree has hundreds. Could you imagine being a tree and seeing the world change around you, oh the stories a tree could tell. Imagine what you would see if you stayed put long enough.

Stories are how our ancestors got us to where we are, how history has shaped everything we know. Stories are also an escape from everything we know. The possibilities are endless, and with a little creativity, anything is possible. That is why the power of creativity trumps all. I can go anywhere in my studio with a pencil and paper, or a good book. At the same time there is a lot to be said about experiencing the real world. Without the real world we have no reference for our stories. Balancing the reality and imagination is an important skill that must be instilled upon the people. Embrace life, and embrace your minds creative ability to alter life.

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