Feb 26, 2014

Maia Ming Fong

 Today, I'm presenting you Maia Ming Fong a product designer and her unique ceramic wear that combines elements of Asian and Scandinavian cultures.

She studied Product Design at Stanford University and now lives and works in Barcelona. She spent many years as creative director for consumer sports and fashion products. Her latest venture includes a collection of whimsical and tactile ceramics.

Growing up I spent hours in the school art room on the pottery wheel. Later, at Stanford University, I received my degree in Product Design and after graduating I worked for many years as an art director. My early passion for ceramics was revived when I enrolled with my children in a workshop. My ceramics have developed from a hobby to a passion and into a business where I reproduce my designs in small series. Each one of my designs I develop by hand-modifying wheel thrown pieces, once the shape is refined to my liking, I make a mold to reproduce it with. Some of the pieces on my Etsy shop are completely handmade, others are slip cast in molds and then hand-finished. My ceramics embody my Swedish-Chinese heritage. Beyond their tactile and playful nature, my work combines elements of Asian and Scandinavian cultures.

Find Maia at:
Website http://www.maiamingdesigns.com/ 
Etsy       https://www.etsy.com/shop/MaiaMIngDesigns
Twitter   https://twitter.com/MaiaMing
Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/MaiaMingDesigns
Pinterest     http://www.pinterest.com/maiaming/